Coins of The Kingdom of Sicily

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  Normans of Sicily - Hauteville Dynasty  

Conquest of Sicily begins in 1061 When Robert and Roger I cross the channel at the request of Ibn al-Tumna

Robert Guiscard 1059-1085 Duke of Apulia (overlord)

Roger Borsa 1085-1111 Duke of Apulia (overlord)

William 1111-1127 Duke of Apulia (overlord)

William gives up all claims on Calabria, Palermo and Messina to Roger II 1122

Counts of Sicily

Roger I 1072-1101 Count 

Norman Conquest of Sicily completed 1091
First crusade in the Levant 1097-1099

Simon, 1101-1105 Count (no coins)

Roger II 1105-1130 Count 

Kings of Sicily

Roger II المعتز بالله 1130-1154
William I الهادي بامر الله 1154-1166
William II the Good المستعز بالله 1166-1189

Failed crusade against Alexandria 1174

Loss of Jerusalem to Salah al-Din, Kingdom of Jerusalem at Acre 1187 - 1228
Sicilian fleet protects Tripoli

Tancred المنصور بالله 1190-1194

Third Crusade fails to recover Jerusalem 1189-1192

William III المعتز بالله 1194

Henry VI conquers Sicily. End of Norman rule 1194

Hohenstaufen Dynasty

Henry VI 1194-1197 Holy Roman Emperor
Frederick II 1197-1250 Holy Roman Empiror

Fifth Crusade. Jerusalem peacefully regained from the Ayyubids By Frederick II, 1228 - 1229. Lost again in 1244

Conrad I 1250-1254
Conrad II 1254-1258/1268 (Conradin)
Manfred 1258-1266

Charles the Count of Anjou defeats Manfred at the battle of Benevento on February 26, 1266 End of Hohenstaufen dynasty

Angevin Dynasty

Charles of Anjou  1266-1282

Peter I  of Aragon conquers Sicily 1282 invited by the Sicilian rebellion (Vaspers) against the Angevin rule.

Aragonian Dynasty

Peter I  ( III of Aragon) 1282-1285
James I (James II of Aragon) 1285-1296
Frederick III  1296-1337
Peter II 1337-1342
Louis 1342-1355
Frederick IV 1355-1377
Mary 1377-1392
Martin I the Younger 1395-1409
Martin II 1409-1410
Ferdinand I 1412-1416
Alfonso V 1416-1458

Alfonso V of Aragon conquers the Kingdom of Naples 1442

John II 1458-1479
Ferdinand II 1479-1494

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