Coins of The Kingdom of 
Castile & Leon

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Fernando I 1035-1065
Sancho II

Alfonso VI


Captures Toledo, made capital of Castile; beginning of the Reconquista, 1085; but defeated by Almoravids, Zallqa, 1086

El-Cid Captures Valencia 1094; retaken by Almoravids 1102

Urraca 1109-1126
Alfonso I of Aragon 1109-1126

Alfonso VII

Separation of Castile & Leon

Sancho III Castile 1157-1158
Ferdinand II Leon 1157-1188

Alfonso VIII Castile 1158-1214

Defeat by Muwahids at Alarcos, 1195; victory at Las Navas de Tolosa, 1212

Alfonso IX Leon 1188-1230
Henry I Castile 1214-1217

Ferdinand III Castile 1217-1252

Capture of Cordova, 1235, Seville, 1248, Murcia, 1266

Re-Unification of Castile & Leon

Alfonso X 1252-1284
Sancho IV
Ferdinand IV

Captures Gibraltar 1309

Alfonso XI 1312-1350
Peter I
Henry II
John I
Henry III
John II
Henry IV
Ferdinand & Isabel

Fall of Granada, end of Reconquista, 1492


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 AB= F. Alvarez Burgos, Catalogo General De Las Monedas Espanolas Vol III, Catalogo De La Moneda Medieval Castellano-Leonesa Siglos XI al XV, Madrid 1998. 
Book Courtesy of  Eduard Domingo of  AUREO S.A

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