Coins of the 
Kingdom of Aragon

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  Kings of Aragon
House of Navarre
Sancho Ramirez 1063-1094
Peter I El De Huesca

1102: Almoravides occupy the Peninsula as far as Saragossa (Zaragoza). 

Alfonso I El Batallador 1104-1134

1118: Alfonso I of Aragon conquers Saragossa

Ramiro II 1134-1137

1137: Union of Kingdom of Aragon and Counties of Catalonia

1151: The Almohades, retake Almaria

Petronica 1137-1162

Kings of Aragon and Counts of Barcelona 
Catalonian Dynasty House of Barcelona

Alfonso II 1162-1196

1162: Alfonso I, son of Petronila and Ramon Berenguer IV, unites the kingdom of Aragon and the County of Barcelona.

Peter II 1196-1213

1212: Christians defeat Almohads at the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa
1213: Peter is killed in the battle of Muret

James I 1213-1276

1229: Jaime I of Aragon, the Conqueror, re-conquers Mallorca. 
1238: Captures Valencia, rebellion suppressed only in 1258

Peter III 1276-1285

1280: King Peter of Aragon captures most of the Aragonese nobility in a castle where they are plotting against him

1282: Sicilian Vespers Peter III of Aragon conquers Sicily

Alfonso III 1285-1291
James II

Alfonso IV 1329-1336

Peter IV
John I 
Martin I

House of Castile
Trastámara Dynasty

Ferdinand I 1412-1416
Alfonso IV

John II 1458-1479

Ferdinand II

1469: Isabel I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon are married, uniting Spain.


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