Coins of the Duchy to Venice

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Vital I Michele, 1096-1102

Godfrey of Boullon, Raymond of Toulouse, Robert of Flanders, and Bohemond of Taronto 
lead the first crusade in the Levant 1097-1099

Ordelafo Faliero, 1102-1117
Domenico Michele, 1117-1130
Pietro Polani, 1130-1148

Second Crusade Louis VII of France, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, Emperor Conrad III  1147 - 1149

Domenico Morosini, 1148-1156
Vital II Michele, 1156-1172

Sebastian Ziani, 1172-1178

Orio Mastropiero 1178-1192

Third Crusade Emperor Frederick I (Barbarossa), Kings Philip Augustus II of France and Richard Coeur De Lion of England 1189-1192

Enrico Dandolo 1192-1205

1204: 4th Crusaders; Venice controls cessions of eastern shore of the Adriatic, the Cyclade and Sporade islands, and the shores of Thessaly, the Sea of Marmara and Black Sea. Crete acquired by treaty and arms.

Pietro Ziani, 1205-1229

Fifth Crusade. Frederick II peacefully regained Jerusalem from the Ayyubids 1228 - 1229. Lost again in 1244

Jacopo Tiepolo, 1229-1249

Sixth Crusade against Egypt by Louis IX of France (Saint Louis) 1248-1254

Marino Merosini, 1249-1252
Reniero Zeno, 1252-1268
1255 - 1308: War with Genoa

Lorenzo Tiepolo, 1268-1275
Jacopo Contarini, 1275-1280
Giovanni Dandolo, 1280-1289

Pietro Gradenigo, 1289-1311

Marino Zorzi 1311-1312

Giovanni Soranzo 1312-1328

Francesco Dandolo 1328-1339

Bartolomeo Gradenigo 1339-1342

1339 - 1388 Treviso acquired, lost, reacquired

Andrea Dandolo 1342-1354
Marino Faliero 1354-1355
Giovanni Gradenigo 1355-1356
Giovanni Delfino 1356-1361
Lorenzo Celsi 1361-1365
Marco Cornaro 1365-1367

Andrea Contarini 1368-1382

Antonio Venier 1382-1400

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