Coins of the Crusader 
County of Tripoli

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Godfrey of Boullon, Raymond of Toulouse, Robert of Flanders, and Bohemond of Taronto 
lead the first crusade in the Levant 1097-1099


Toulousian Dynasty

Raymond I (IV of Toulouse) & 1102 - 1105
Alfons-Jordan 1105 - 1109 (William-Jordan Regent)
Siege of Tripoli 1102 - 1109

Bertrand 1109 - 1112
Pons 1112-1137

Raymond II 1137-1152

Krak des Chevaliers given to the Knights Hospitaller 1142, 

Loss of Edessa to Imad al-Din Zengi bin Aq Sanqur 1144

Second Crusade Louis VII of France, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, Emperor Conrad III 1147 - 1149

Raymond III 1152-1187

Loss of Jerusalem to Salah al-Din, 1187

Chatillion Dynasty

Bohemond IV 1187 - 1233

Third Crusade Emperor Frederick I (Barbarossa), Kings Philip Augustus II of France and Richard Coeur De Lion of England 1189-1192

Fourth Crusade against Constantinople 1202-1204

Fifth Crusade. Frederick II peacefully regained Jerusalem from the Ayyubids 1228 - 1229. Lost again in 1244

Bohemond V 1233-1252

Sixth Crusade against Egypt by Louis IX of France (Saint Louis) 1248-1254

Bohemond VI 1252-1275
Bohemond VII 1275-1287

Independent Commune 1287-1289

Tripoli is captured by the Mamluks in 1289

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