Coins of The 
Kingdom of Portugal

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  House of Burgundy  

1143--Portugal recognized as sovereign kingdom by Castille and León
1147 – With the help of the English The city of Lisbon is conquered from the Almohads

Afonso I 1139- 1185
Sancho I
 1185- 1211
Afonso II
 1211- 1223
Sancho II
 1223- 1245
Afonso III
 1245- 1279 

1272 – Afonso III conquers Faro (Algarve) from the Almohads, end of Almohad control in Portugal

Diniz/ Dinis 1279- 1325
Afonso IV
 1325- 1357
Peter/ Pedro I
 1357- 1367
Ferdinand / Fernando I 1367- 1383

House of Avis

1385 – João I of Portugal acclaimed king by the Portuguese; Castilians do not accept this claim 
Battle of Aljubarrota: João I defeats the Castilians and secures the throne

John / João I of Avis 1385- 1433
Edward / Duarte I 1433- 1438
Afonso V
 1438- 1481
John / João II
 1481- 1495
Manuel I 1495–1521


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Gomes, Alberto (1996) Monedas Portuguesas e do território português antes da fundação de la nationalidade, second, Lisbon

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