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William I the Conqueror 1066-1087

1066: William of Normandy invades England; Battle of Hastings

William II 1087-1100

Godfrey of Bouillon, Raymond of Toulouse, Robert of Flanders, and Bohemond of Taronto 
lead the first crusade in the Levant 1097-1099
Henry I 1100-1135 

Second Crusade Louis VII of France, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, Emperor Conrad III 1147 - 1149


Henry II 1154-1189

Loss of Jerusalem to Salah al-Din, Kingdom of Jerusalem at Acre 1187 - 1228

Richard I the Lionheart 1189-1199 (Duke of Aquitaine, Count of Poitou 1169-1196)

Third Crusade Emperor Frederick I (Barbarossa), Kings Philip Augustus II of France 
Richard Coeur De Lion of England fail to recover Jerusalem 1189-1192

John Lackland 1199-1216  

Fourth Crusade against Constantinople 1202-1204
Fifth Crusade. Jerusalem peacefully regained from the
Ayyubids 1228 - 1229. Lost again in 1244

Henry III 1216-1272

Sixth Crusade against Egypt by Louis IX of France (Saint Louis) 1248-1254
Seventh Crusade against
North Africa by Louis IX of France (Saint Louis) - Edward I of England to Acre 1270

Edward I 1272-1307

Mamluks conquer Antioch in 1268, Tripoli in 1289, and Acre in 1291. End of Outremer 1291

Edward II 1307-1327
Edward III

1337: 100 year war starts
1453: English out of France except for Calais

Richard II 1377-1399


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