Coins of The
Bulgarian Empire

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  Revolt against Byzantium, Bulgaria independent 1186  
Asens Dynasty
Ivan I Asen 1186-1196
Peter II Asen 1186-1197

Constantinope falls to Fourth Crusade, 1204
Second Bulgarian Empire recognized by Byzantium 1204

Kalojan Asen, the Roman Killer 1197-1207

Captures Baldwin I, 1205, kills Boniface of Montferrat, 1207

Boril 1207-1218
Ivan II Asen 1218-1241

Defeated & Captured Theodore Ducas of Epirus, 1230; Mongol invasion, 1242

Kaloman I 1242-1246
Michael II Asen 1246-1257

Kaloman II 1257-1258
Constantine Tich 1257-1277
Ivan Mytzes 1278
Ivalio 1277-1279
Ivan III Asen 1279-1284

Terters Dynasty
George I Terter 1280-1292

Mongol vassal, 1285

Smilech 1292-1298
Caka/Tshaka 1298-1299
Theodore Svetoslav 1299-1322
George II 1322-1323

Shishman Dynasty

Michael III Shishman 1323-1330
Ivan IV Stephan 1330-1331
Ivan V Alexander 1331-1371

Ivan Stratimir 1360-1396

Ivan VI Shishman 1371-1393

Disintegration of state, 1385; Ottoman vassalage, 1387, 1388, Conquest, 1396

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R&C= A. Radichev and G. Chekov, Katalog na Bulgarskate srednovekovni moneti, IX-XV vek (Sofia, 1999)
Moushmov = Nikola Moushmov Ancient Coins of the Balkan Peninsula 1912

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